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The Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah’s Sales and Marketing Council announces the 2019 SMC Diamond Event (the “Diamond Event”) Program. The purpose of this program is to promote the sale of new homes constructed by the Home Builders Association’s builder members and to reward SMC members who participate in this program by selling new homes.

The Diamond Program is brought to you by the HBA of Greater Savannah:

1st Place 2018 Winner of $25,000.00: Shelly LaMonica

2nd Place 2018 Winner of $15,000.00: Angela Evanofski

3rd Place 2018 Winner of $10,000.00:  Liz Crapse

4th Place 2018 Winner of $7,500.00:  Lorenzo McDonald

5th Place 2018 Winner of $5,000.00:  Mathew Gaines

6th Place 2018 Winner of $2,500.00:  Amy Brackett

7th Place 2018 Winner of $1,185.00:  Lorenzo McDonald

On-Site 2018 Winner of $3,800.00:  Courteney Boles