2022 President Jeff Kramer

Jeff Kramer, of America's Home Place, was installed as 65th President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah. Jeff was installed at the Savannah Trade and Convention Center prior to the Diamond Event on February 26, 2022 by Lamar Smith of Smith Family Homes.


2022 HBA Officers 

President: Jeff Kramer | Vice President: John Mowry | Treasurer: Josh Waters  | Secretary: Bryan Wardlaw | Associate Vice President: Carol Stone | Sales and Marketing Council Chairwoman: Jenn Rabon | Young Professionals Chair: Jade Bone | Executive Officer: Patty Rietkovich | Immediate Past President: Matt Byrd 


2022 Board of Directors

President Jeff Kramer
Vice-President John Mowry
Treasurer Josh Waters
Secretary Bryan Wardlaw
Associate Vice President Carol Stone
Sales & Marketing Chairwoman Jenn Rabon
Young Professionals Chairwoman Jade Bone
National Director Beth Williams Holley
National Director Mark Konter
National Director Candler Wilson
National Director Lamar Smith
Senior Life Director Jerry Konter
State Director Jeff Kramer
State Director John Mowry
State Director Josh Waters
State Director Brayn Wardlaw
Alternate State Director Kevin Kirsch
Alternate State Director Fred Buck
Alternate State Director Corde Wilson
Alternate State Director Beth Williams Holley
Alternate State Director Joe Marshall
Alternate State Director Mark Bouy
Alternate State Director Candler Wilson
Alternate State Director Greg Hardigree
Alternate State Director Mark Konter
Alternate State Director Walter Strong
Alternate State Director Mike Ryan
Alternate State Director Steven Smith
Alternate State Director Matthew Johns
Alternate State Director Ali Heavener
Alternate State Director Chuck Tippins
Alternate State Director Clay Price
Alternate State Director Tara Boyer
Alternate State Director Robert Flanders
Alternate State Director Kortney Kirsch
Local Alternate Director Andy Davis
Local Alternate Director Jack Wardlaw
Local Alternate Director Stephen Remler
Local Alternate Director Steve Hall
Local Alternate Director Jerry Wardlaw
Associate Director Rob Brannen
Associate Director Terri Sherman
Associate Director Jeff Morton
Associate Director Tanya Milton
Associate Director Anne Derbyshire
Associate Director Tracey Burdette
Associate Director Shelia Doney
Associate Director Sheri Kicklighter
Associate Director George Meyers
Associate Director Ted Jones
Associate Director Matt Toler
Associate Director Byron Loomis
Associate Director Ivy Eilerman
Associate Director Nikki Pettit
Associate Director Jon Dasher
Associate Director Bill Shearouse
Associate Director Lisa Shuman
Associate Director Mandy Grubbs
Associate Director Travis Gamble
Associate Director Rodney Rawls
Local Alternate Director Josh Walker
Local Alternate Director Terry Coleman
Immediate Past President Matt Byrd
Legal Counsel Bill Glass
CPA Advisor Dan Mohawold
HBAG B-PAC Trustee Mark Konter
Insurance Representative Walter Corish